There are two primary attributes that affect the accuracy of our system: Door type parameters and weather. Over the range of all these parameters the sensor accuracy for number of visitors to a location will be in the range of 85% - 95%

In's and Out's: With our system, a single direction will have higher accuracy, so "visitors" is defined as counts in the most accurate direction. In some scenarios (such as "Internal" exposure type) a direction can be permanently set. In most scenarios where a door is facing the outside world, the "In/Out Selector Algorithm" should be used to automatically select the most accurate direction to count.

Troubleshooting: If you are experiencing accuracy concerns with your sensor, please contact customer support. We have additional tools that we can use to make sure your specific deployment will give the most accurate data.

Door Types

The following parameters are supported by our system and these parameters are used in the algorithm for determining visitation:


Exposure Type


If one side of the door is outside, and one is inside, this is an External doorway


In, Out, In and Out, no door, sliding

Our algorithm can detect and ignore the swing of a door even if it moves in front of the sensor area



We do not support an entrance larger than a standard "double" door


6ft - 12ft

We do not support higher than a 12 foot doorway


Our primary sensor is thermal based and the raw data is impacted by weather. Our algorithm is able to accurately detect people in most weather conditions. In certain weather conditions, counting when people leave a location will be more accurate than when people enter. We have an algorithm that will automatically select the most accurate direction to count based on local weather reports for your location.

Note: If you are counting people inside a building where weather is not an issue, you should disable the in/out selection feature.

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