Firmware Updates

Firmware updates are released periodically for DTM devices. All owners will have access to these updates. We will publish change logs for these updates on each release. There are two methods to update firmware:

Wifi Update

All DTM devices are set to auto-update their firmware over Wifi by default. This setting can only be modified by the Dor team.

When auto-update is enabled (default), the device will search for a new version of firmware from our servers. If one is available it will automatically download this version and upgrade itself. This process does not have any impact on the sensor's ability to collect data.

Firmware is not rolled out to the entire network at once, each DTM is assigned an update layer and will be updated once it is time for that device. This process can take several days up to 1 month depending on the type of update.

App Update

All users have the ability to update firmware using the DTM App over bluetooth to their device. This process is always followed when configuring a device for the first time. A manual update through the app can be useful in the following situations:

  • User is configuring their device for the first time.

  • The user wants to update firmware but wifi is not available.

  • A custom firmware update is requested by customer success team.

  • The wifi signal too weak or intermittent to successfully perform an auto-update.

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