Sensor Installation

Step 1: Configure device

Download the Dor Traffic Miner app on your mobile device and follow the steps to register and configure your device.

Step 2: Install Mounting Strips

Place 4x of the included mounting strips on the back of the mounting plate as seen in the image below. We recommend using fresh strips from an unopened box. Contact customer support if you need additional mounting strips.

Step 3: Stick above doorway
  • The sensor should be mounted on the doorframe close to the center of the doorway if possible.

  • Mount the sensor plate first without the sensor attached, press firmly on the adhesive for at least 30 seconds before placing the sensor onto the magnetic mounting place

  • The black sensor face should be facing the doorway and must be flush with the bottom of the doorframe.

  • In the event where you're unsure of the best place to mount the sensor, contact customer support through the Companion App with an image of your doorway and our team can assist in finding the best mounting location.

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