Button & LED Behavior

Boot Up

Once the device has booted up, the device will start blinking green to indicate that the device is on and start advertising for BLE. The device will blink green for as long as the device advertises over BLE.

Device Button

Push Type
Single Push
When the device is powered on, the user can push the button to start BLE advertisement.
Push and Hold (10 seconds)
When a user pushes and holds the button for more than 10 seconds, the device led will turn orange. Once the button is released the device will check into the server over WiFi.

LED States

LED State
Blinking Green
The device led will blink green whenever it is advertising BLE.
Solid Green
The device led will turn solid green when it is connected via BLE.
Solid Orange
Indicator that the button has been pushed for more than 10 seconds. The device will check into the server once the button is released.