Connectivity Requirements


Wifi is the primary mode of connectivity for the sensor. The wifi connection is used to transmit foot traffic data and diagnostic information to Dor's servers. Without a successful wifi connection the device will not be able to track foot traffic data.

Note: The sensor can store up to 30 days worth of foot traffic data in the event that the wifi connection is lost. Once the connection is regained all historical saved data will be transferred from the device to the servers.


The device can be configured and troubleshot through a BLE connection from a mobile device. This connection is utilized through the Companion App available for both iOS and Android.

Check out the Companion App page to learn more:


Each device has a LoRaWAN module that can be configured to run the Helium network. This feature is currently in beta and only available to a subset of users. Helium connectivity allows remote troubleshooting of the device and the ability to determine whether the device has just lost wifi connectivity or lost power.

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