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Detailed description of DOR metagraph and tokenomics


Dor Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2015 as a retail analytics firm that provides retailers with ground-truth foot traffic data for their retail location(s) displayed through a user-friendly retail dashboard. This data is captured with a novel battery-powered hardware device employing thermal sensing to track foot traffic into and out of retail establishments. After its acquisition in 2021 by Constellation Network, a Web3 infrastructure company, Dor began developing a modified hardware device called the Dor Traffic Miner, or DTM, that could interact with Constellation’s DAG-based DLT network to track foot traffic data, store this data on a distributed ledger, and reward individual DTM owners and data gatherers with cryptocurrency.

To this end, Dor Technologies is developing a metagraph, or Layer 1 project-specific decentralized network, that will run on top of Constellation’s global Layer 0 network, called the Hypergraph. The Dor metagraph is a decentralized ledger-based service used for the distribution, validation, and incentivization of data produced by the Dor Traffic Miner and other future product offerings.

This technology will be developed using Constellation Network’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) and will include a DOR utility token. The Dor metagraph and token will be used for the following purposes:

  • Create a worldwide community of individual “Datapreneurs” to mine valuable data sets

  • Support hardware and software tools for real world data collection

  • Programmatically manage all fee requirements for Hypergraph network usage

The two primary users of this metagraph are Datapreneurs, individuals who collect valuable data for the network, and node operators, who provide resources such as bandwidth and processing power to the network.

Hypergraph Usage

The Dor metagraph will submit snapshots to the Hypergraph that will be processed on demand and be included in the global snapshot. Dor Technologies Inc, will pay all DAG fees and supply 750k DAG to initial validator nodes to satisfy network usage requirements.

This snapshot will contain the following metadata:

  • Device check-ins

  • All DOR token transactions

As network capabilities expand, Dor’s intent will be that all data collected by sensor nodes is submitted to the Hypergraph.

Token Minting

The DOR token utilizes minting and locking mechanisms with a constantly adjusting circular supply designed to secure validator network resources. This utility token is not being sold in any private sale to investors or allocated to advisors or team members. Tokens are generated either temporarily through distributions or continuously through nodes.


Sensor Node
Dor Traffic Miner hardware
Rewards wallet
No collateral: 100% minting
50k DOR: 105% minting
100k DOR: 110% minting
200k DOR: 120% minting
Tokens minted based on commission requirements
Tax: 10% to validator nodes

View current commissions

L1 Validator Node
Ability to run Dor metagraph consensus
Collateral: 1M DOR
Sensor node taxes split equally among L1 and L0 validator nodes
L0 Validator Node (Hybrid)
Ability to run Dor Metagraph consensus
Ability to run Hypergraph consensus (must be on the mainnet seedlist)
Collateral: 1M DOR, 250k DAG
Sensor node taxes split equally among L1 and L0 validator nodes
DAG validator rewards from the Hypergraph


  • 6M DOR distributed to Dor Technologies, Inc. to run initial validator network (3x L1 nodes and 3x L0 nodes)

  • 100 DOR distributed daily to each Foundation DTM through Lattice (NFT Authentication) until 730 days from TGE. These tokens will be taxed at a 10% rate to be distributed to active validator nodes.

Enterprise Limitations

Any individual or corporation that owns and operates more than 500 DTMs prior to TGE will be subject to the following limitations:

  • May not run a validator node within 12 months of TGE.

  • May not run more than 5 validators nodes within 24 months of TGE.

  • Will observe a lifetime limit of 10 validator nodes.

  • May not transfer more than 5% of minted tokens (cumulative) to any wallet per month within 12 months of TGE.

  • May not transfer more than 10% of minted tokens (cumulative) to any other wallet per month within 24 months of TGE.

DOR Token Utility

Commercial License Fees

Dor Technologies, Inc will pay Constellation a license fee, in DOR, based on the number of monthly snapshots. This will be paid in DOR tokens to Constellation Inc each month and will be based off the calculator on the Constellation website. [Link]

The license fees are being paid to Constellation for the development, use and support of the Dor metagraph as well as the ongoing upload and access of data supplied by DTMs.

Fees will be paid to the following DOR deposit address: DAG2uFJWUMHW8pZXXeaUMtUpWwZvhpr3BBBtBYEp

Constellation does not currently intend to sell or transfer any DOR tokens received from licensing fees and commits to soliciting community feedback before doing so in the future.

Additional Utility

Outside of the primary use case of securing validator network resources, the DOR token will have several other key roles in the company ecosystem:

  • Discounts and/or redemption of future data mining hardware

  • Gated access to private forums and chat channels

  • Exclusive access to new device management tools and services

Foundation DTM

Only 5,000 Foundation DTMs will ever be sold and these will be granted special rights:

  • Access to commission programs from Lattice

  • Retail analytics dashboard subscription

  • Free lifetime Pro tier access to sensor management platform for device

  • Beta access to future Dor programs

  • Discounts on future product releases

  • Exclusive invites and discounts to Constellation events

Learn more about the Foundation DTM

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