Doorway Compatibility

The sensor is designed to operate in indoor conditions for standard doorways that allows frequent ingress and egress. The sensor may be top-mounted on door frames that are up to 8ft (2.4m) wide and 12ft (3.6m) tall.

Where is the sensor mounted?

The sensor must be mounted directly on the doorframe on the inside of the space. In a retail environment, it must be visible from inside the store.

Can I mount the sensor on a ceiling?

We strongly recommend the installation of the sensor on a door frame due to height, width and traffic requirements. Under exceptional circumstances, ceiling mounting is allowed using an optional ceiling mount adapter which can be supplied by Dor team.

What if my door is taller than 12ft?

Due to the nature of the thermal technology, accuracy degrades substantially when the sensor is further away from average human height.

Can I install multiple sensors on a wide doorway?

We do not recommend installing sensors on doorways that are wider than 8ft. Installing multiple sensors on the same doorway may degrade the accuracy of foot traffic data.

Can I install the sensor on elevator door frames?

Due to individuals entering or leaving an elevator in a dense group at the same time, the sensor's accuracy may suffer. Instead, we recommend that sensors are deployed in doorways leading to elevator banks where possible.

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