Data Validity

The validity key provides additional context around the measured state of foot traffic data for a given interval. The vast majority of your data will be in a valid state. This means that Dor has detected that all sensors associated to a location were measuring data for the timeframe and no sensor issues were detected. Some data may be in an invalid state, indicating that an issue was detected during the timeframe for all sensors associated with a location. If an interval includes both valid and invalid data, it will be marked as degraded.

For example, if Dor detects that the batteries have been removed from a sensor for a 15-minute period, data for that 15-minute period will be marked as invalid. Data for the hour will be marked degraded because the hour includes periods of both valid and invalid data.

Validity Definitions



No sensor issues have been detected for the interval.


Due to an unrecoverable sensor issue, some portions of the interval contain invalid or unmeasured data.


Due to an unrecoverable sensor issue, the entire interval contains invalid or unmeasured data.

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