Datetimes Grouped by Local Time Zone

Metrics returned from the API are sometimes aggregated across multiple locations and multiple timezones. To make this data easy to compare, metric date-times are grouped based on the time zone in which they were recorded. The results returned do not include time zone information because the data could represent multiple time zones.

For example:

Location 1 is in PST and records a foot traffic event at 2pm PST (10pm UTC). Location 2 is located in EST and records a foot traffic event at 2pm EST (7pm UTC).

If a request is made with the following parameters:








Since both events were recorded during the same hour, relative to the time zone of the location where the sensor was installed, the foot traffic events recorded at each location will be included for a total count of 2 foot traffic events.

 curl "" \
    -u tm_8hHhG7gf9shhd:0ShG8gLReppO9Vm74PUSyesec87EhH;

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