GET /foot-traffic/locations

Get Foot Traffic from all locations

This endpoint returns data aggregated by location. The results returned from this endpoint can be used to gain insight into individual locations or to compare locations against each other.

You can query the results by the datetime_start (inclusive) and datetime_end (exclusive) parameters can be used to query for data recorded within the specified datetime range. Note that these parameters are grouped by local timezone. Returned data is aggregated by location so that one result is returned for each interval of time at each location. The interval can be one of: 15m, hour, day, week, month, year. For example, if the hour interval is used, a result will be returned for each hour and location in the requested range. If your team has two locations and requested 24 hours worth of hour intervals, a total of 48 (2 x 24) Location Metrics would be returned.

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