What is the Analytics Dashboard?

The Analytics Dashboard is a platform designed for the convenient and thorough analysis of a business's foot traffic data collected by DTM Sensors.

Dashboard walkthrough

What is the Analytics Dashboard subscription?

The Analytics Dashboard subscription for Datapreneurs offers clients access to the Analytics Dashboard through a monthly subscription model.

Priced at $99 USD per month per location for up to 3 installed devices, with an additional $25 USD monthly charge per extra device, the subscription provides full utilization of all dashboard features and unlimited historical data.

How is the subscription priced?

The subscription operates on a per-location basis, priced at $99 USD per month per location for up to 3 devices, with an additional $25 monthly charge per extra device.

How do I set up a paid Analytics Dashboard Subscription?

You can find a detailed step by step guide here:

Standard - Paid subscription

Can I manage the subscription on behalf of my client or subscribe to one for myself?

Yes, if you're managing the subscription for your client or just plan to subscribe for your own use just input your details during the subscription setup for the Organization Admin.

An email with billing information will be sent to the provided email.

Is there a revenue share program for Datapreneurs?

Datapreneurs automatically participate in a subscription revenue share program through GoAffPro, earning a 50% share of their organizations' monthly subscriptions. Payments are processed monthly through PayPal in USD, with a 30-day lock period before disbursement.

Can a Datapreneur setup a subscription for residential only Organizations?

Yes, there are no restrictions for setting up a subscription.

How can I access the Analytics Dashboard

You can use the https://app.getdor.com/dashboard, as long as there is an active free trial or paid account subscription for your Organization.

Datapreneurs, by default, will have access to their client's Analytics Dashboard; this access can be removed directly through the Dashboard settings.

What happens if I add a new location to an Organization with an active Standard subscription?

You will be asked to confirm that you are aware that adding a new location will result in an increase in the monthly cost. Your client will receive an email notifying them that a new location has been added to their account, along with the details of the new price.

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