Foundation - Free trial

An Analytics Dashboard subscription free trial is available as a perk for Foundation DTMs.

It works because Datapreneurs can activate timeless unlimited free-trial access to the analytics dashboard for any organization with at least 1 foundation DTM installed at each location. During the free trial of the analytics dashboard, Datapreneurs can help their clients see the real benefits of using this tool.

The key is to focus on how the extra features of the paid version can meet the client's specific needs.

By showing them how the dashboard's data and foot traffic, can help improve their business, it becomes easier to illustrate the advantage of keeping access to the dashboard by upgrading to a paid subscription.

Be aware that you can only give one trial access per organization. Coordinate with your team on who should receive this trial access.

Activating a free trial for an Organization

Eligibility Check

Please confirm whether each location of the organization has at least one foundation DTM installed.

Alternatively, you can get a 30 days trial access for any Organization for 2.000 DOR tokens, access the link below to activate this option:

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