Datapreneurs can provide their clients access to the Analytics Dashboard through a monthly access subscription model.

This monthly access will give them complete access to all dashboard features and unlimited historical data from their organization's location, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Pricing structure

The subscription operates on a per-location basis for organizations, with a fixed cost of $99 USD per month per location for up to 3 installed devices. Additional devices incur an extra monthly charge of $25 USD per device.

The final subscription price will always be the one displayed on the DTM app during the setup process.

Foundation DTM perk

Foundation DTM owners can utilize the free subscription perk, which allows them to offer free dashboard access to clients, provided each location has at least one Foundation DTM installed.

pageFoundation - Free trial

Metagraph commission

All subscriptions will make the intrapreneur eligible for the Retail Analytics Subscription Metagraph commission.

To qualify, the Datapreneur must have an active paid subscription to the Analytics Dashboard.

The DOR Metagraph will award 25 DOR for every $1 USD billed.

The DOR commission is distributed on a monthly basis to you with a 30-day lock period to your Global Reward Address:

Learn how to set up a Global Reward Address

Revenue share with Datapreneurs

Datapreneurs are automatically signed to participate in our subscription revenue share program. This program involves a 50% share of their organizations' monthly subscriptions.

The commission is paid on a monthly basis with a 30-day lock period before the payments are disbursed.

Datapreneurs will also get free access to a GoAffPro account with a dedicated dashboard to keep track of their commissions and payments.

Payments will be processed through PayPal in USD.

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