Use cases

DTM owners have an opportunity to become DTM service providers by leveraging this new Hierarchy. This creates a new business model with several potential opportunities, including:

  1. Device leasing: DTM device owners have the option to acquire a fleet of devices that can be leased to various retail businesses, shopping centers, and event venues. This arrangement benefits companies that require the technology but do not wish to bear the initial cost of owning the devices installing and maintaining them.

  2. Data management and analytics services: DTM owners have the option to lease devices and provide data management and analytics services as well. They can handle the setup, maintenance, and analysis of data, providing their clients with useful information regarding their foot traffic trends and patterns.

  3. Consulting services: DTM owners can use their extensive knowledge in managing multiple devices across various locations to provide consulting services. They can assist businesses in optimizing their operations by utilizing the insights obtained from foot traffic data.

  4. Real estate analysis: DTM owners can lease their devices to real estate developers and agents. These devices can then be installed in properties that are up for sale or rent, providing potential buyers or tenants with information regarding the foot traffic in the area. This can be especially beneficial when used with commercial properties, where the amount of foot traffic has a direct impact on the success of the business.

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